Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.


Provide the largest, most robust data set of cannabis related knowledge to unlock detailed & actionable insights for the industry – optimizing client brands, products, consumer experiences and legislation.

Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.


Optimize intelligent brands through a data centric approach to consumer & portfolio insights. Support strategic planning that leads to tangible results and empower clients in an emerging, rapidly changing and  highly competitive market.

Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.

About The

Cannabis Intelligence Agency

Informed decisions driven by actionable insights.

A full-service research consultancy deploying extensive industry knowledge and leveraging global best practices to help clients gain competitive advantage.

Research to Results

  • The CIA helps clients translate research into actionable insights to drive business results
  • Our industry experience and expertise helps our clients make better informed decisions
  • Our fact-based insights and recommendations allow retailers, brands, agencies, and organizations to optimize their efforts and achieve targeted and sustainable outcomes
  • Our proprietary research, market intelligence, segmentation methodology and persona development provides the CIA with unrivalled insight, and a truly unique platform for providing the best possible strategic advice to our clients
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.


We Do

We deliver more than data; we integrate the qualitative and quantitative findings to produce a cohesive story reflecting the objectives and implications of the results in a relevant, meaningful and actionable manner.

Providing credible research helps  our clients understand the market, their customers, and adds insight into their business.

Our data foundation delivers actionable outputs. We are here to help you identify and understand your target market in relation to your brand, products, and services.

Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.

Our Services

Market Research
  • Large Syndicated Studies
  • Regular Tracking Studies
  • Customized Studies
  • Quick Polls
Consumer Insights
  • Segmentation Profiles
  • Persona Development
  • Comparative Studies
  • Proprietary Communities
Strategic Consulting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Brand Strategy
  • Advisory
Marketing Effectiveness
  • Media Monitoring
  • News & Online Coverage
  • Exposure Analysis
  • Social Media
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.

How the CIA can help

  • How do we reach the ideal consumer for each of our products? 
  • Do we have the information necessary to win strategic accounts?
  • Are consumers connecting with my brands throughout their shopping journey? 
  • Am I missing out on opportunities? 
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.

Segmentation Profiles

We conduct market research and focus on WHO cannabis consumers are, reasons WHY they use cannabis, WHICH products they use, WHAT factors influence their purchase decisions, etc., and then combine those aspects with lifestyle attributes, behavioural factors, attitudinal considerations and various psychographics to create detailed and actionable “personas” on cannabis users.

After building segmentation profiles, a deeper dive into the behavioural aspects of these consumers will help inform the strategy and provide the foundation for everything from product innovation and marketing tactics to sales channel effectiveness and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Customer Location
  • Region
  • Legalized State
  • Urban / Rural
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Socio-Economic
  • Personality
  • Lifestyle
  • Attitudes
  • Values and opinion
  • Rate of Usage
  • Benefits Sought
  • Loyalty Status
  • Purchase Readiness
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Is considering using but is overwhelmed by choices
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Non-user but is accepting of its use
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Uses CBD for arthritis and THC for glaucoma
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Uses to address stress and anxiety
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Smokes with friends at cribbage night
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Uses topical CBD cream for muscle pain
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Uses discreetly
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc. - Consumers. Insights. Action.Smokes recreationally, but only on weekends
Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.

Research & Analytics Leadership

Derek Mager - Managing Director
Derek Mager

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Marlene Wilden - Head of Analytics
Marlene Wilden

Head of Analytics

Cannabis Intelligence Agency Inc.

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